GQUAS (Gamuda Land Quality Assessment System) is a comprehensive quality control system developed by Gamuda Land to assess the quality of projects from development to completion and handover. Gamuda Land is a pioneer in the Vietnamese market in establishing an internal quality control system.
GQUAS - Gamuda Land Quality Assessment System
GQUAS – Gamuda Land Quality Assessment System
GQUAS is built based on the CONQUAS standard developed by the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) of Singapore and has been adapted to the construction method in Vietnam. Since BCA no longer has CONQUAS certification for projects outside of Singapore, Celadon City, Gamuda Land’s project, is the only project in Vietnam to be awarded CONQUAS certification by BCA.
GQUAS is being implemented by Gamuda Land for all its global projects. Recognized by international partners and customers as a standard system to evaluate the quality of works and represent international standards. The fact has proven that customers are always satisfied with the quality of the work when handing over.
GQUAS is a strict mechanism established voluntarily and proactively by Gamuda Land. As a responsible urban developer, we are committed to providing an optimal quality of life for our customers, thereby creating prosperous and sustainable communities.
GQUAS - Gamuda Land Quality Assessment System for Celadon City
GQUAS – Gamuda Land Quality Assessment System for Celadon City
On March 3, 2023, the Celadon City A5b project of Ricons was officially certified by the Investor Gamuda Land as the project with the highest GQUAS quality score in Celadon City urban area since it came into operation, with a score of 76.9%.
  • Evaluation period: 6-10/2/2023.
  • Evaluation agency: GQUAS Malaysia.
Specifically, GQUAS is a standard system built by Gamuda Land, based on the CONQUAS system established by the Singapore Construction and Works Administration. According to the way GQUAS operates, every stage of the project from commencement to completion is comprehensively assessed and closely monitored to ensure that the work meets the set standards and creates a living environment that meets the needs of its residents.
With a score of 76.9%, Celadon area A5b is currently holding the top position in the GQUAS rankings for the phases of the Celadon City project since its commencement. This is a testament to the capacity, experience and professionalism of the leading contractor in Vietnam.