Celadon City

Celadon City is a modern urban area of 82.5 hectares located in the west of Saigon, considered a version of Phu My Hung. This urban area is well planned and designed with many modern facilities, creating a convenient living space for residents. The green space at Celadon City is also impressive with the internal roads covered with green trees and a large park with an area of ​​up to 16.4 hectares. This place is considered as one of the urban areas with fresh, airy and spacious living space, especially suitable for children to play and develop.
Celadon City
Celadon City
Celadon City is a unique and classy ecological urban area in Tan Phu district, Ho Chi Minh City, with a scale of up to 82.6 hectares. Considered as a model green city, Celadon City aims to create and develop a modern, luxurious urban area in harmony with nature.
At Celadon City, exquisite houses are surrounded by the largest green carpet in the city, providing a living space close to nature. This urban area provides comprehensive facilities to meet all the needs of residents, creating favorable conditions for a fulfilling and long life. In particular, Celadon City is a place where loving hearts are cherished, bringing warmth and sincerity to all residents living here. The feeling of peace and greenness of the surrounding space helps to ease the busy life and bring happiness in the hearts of the people.
This urban area has a total area of 82.6 hectares, of which 16.4 hectares is dedicated to an ecological park, creating a comfortable and fresh space. The construction density of Celadon City is only 20%, allowing natural space and trees to grow freely, preserving the beauty and vitality of nature.
Celadon City
Celadon City


  • Project name: Celadon City
  • Project location: No. 68 N1 street, Son Ky ward, Tan Phu district, HCMC
  • Investor: Gamuda Land
  • Project area: 82.5 Ha
  • Building density: 21.7%
  • Construction unit: Hoa Binh & Coteccons
  • Designers: T&W (Singapore), Tylin, BYG (Malaysia), One Landscape (Hong Kong)
  • Product type: Glen Townhouse – Sky Linked Villa – Apartment & Shophouse
  • Scale: 8,577 apartments with 04 subdivisions: Ruby – Emerald – Diamond – The Glen
  • Internal facilities: overflowing swimming pool & artificial sea – 16ha ecological park – International school – Sports room -Underwater yoga – Gamuda walking street – Artificial sand beach – Herbal garden


Celadon City is located in a prime location in the heart of Tan Phu district, is the arterial traffic gateway connecting to many key roads such as Le Trong Tan, Tan Ky Tan Quy, Cong Hoa, and Truong Chinh, especially connected to the future subway system. With flexible regional connectivity and a variety of means of connection such as road, metro and air routes, Celadon City brings convenience and speed to travel to places inside and outside the city.
Vị trí Dự án Celadon City Tân Phú
Location of Celadon City Tan Phu Project

Residents at Celadon City have the advantage of time and convenience with the following distances:

  • It only takes 3 minutes to Son Ky Market.
  • 7 minutes to University of Food Industry.
  • 10 minutes to BigC Truong Chinh Shopping Center.
  • 15 minutes to Tan Phu District People’s Committee.
  • 16 minutes to Tan Son Nhat Golf Course.
  • 10 minutes to Ben Thanh – Tham Luong Metro Line.
  • 21 minutes to Thong Nhat Hospital.
  • 23 minutes to Tan Son Nhat Airport.

Thanks to the superiority of location and modern transport infrastructure, Celadon City becomes a convenient urban area, making the lives of residents more convenient and easier in moving and accessing the city. facilities inside and outside this area.


Gamuda Land aims to create a modern, civilized urban area and bring impressive breakthroughs in design, development and service at Celadon City, to create a perfect lifestyle with all convenient. We are committed to giving your family the best life at Celadon City Tan Phu Apartment.

Tiện ích Dự án Căn hộ Celadon City Tân Phú
Utilities Celadon City Tan Phu Apartment Project
Tiện ích Dự án Căn hộ Celadon City Tân Phú
Utilities Celadon City Tan Phu Apartment Project
Tiện ích Dự án Căn hộ Celadon City Tân Phú
Utilities Celadon City Tan Phu Apartment Project
Tiện ích Dự án Căn hộ Celadon City Tân Phú
Utilities Celadon City Tan Phu Apartment Project
Tiện ích Dự án Căn hộ Celadon City Tân Phú
Utilities Celadon City Tan Phu Apartment Project
Tiện ích Dự án Căn hộ Celadon City Tân Phú
Utilities Celadon City Tan Phu Apartment Project
With a prime location and scale of up to 82.5 hectares, the Celadon City project area is not only attractive because of its convenience but also offers a range of 5-star luxury facilities, bringing true living values of the city. an advanced urban area. Here, you will enjoy diverse facilities from living to entertainment, and at the same time enjoy the closeness to nature by the large green park.
It also has an international school, providing a quality learning environment for children. To maintain health and fitness, a sports complex was also built, helping you practice and relieve stress every day. Besides, the international commercial and entertainment center will be the place where you can freely shop and enjoy top-notch entertainment experiences.
Celadon City is not only a place to stay, but also a comfortable resort, worth living and experiencing, where life becomes fresh, convenient and happy.


The overall design of the Celadon City project has a huge total area of ​​up to 82.5 hectares, and the construction density is low, only reaching the standard of a green urban area with the rate of 21.7%. The project is divided into 4 subdivisions including: Diamond, The Glen, Emerald and Ruby, is expected to build about 8,577 luxury apartments along with many products of townhouses and luxury villas. In particular, the project also brings a variety of high-end utility systems to serve residents.
Mặt bằng Tổng thể Dự án Celadon City Tân Phú
Overall Plan of Celadon City Tan Phu Project
The apartments in Celadon City are carefully and delicately designed by Gamuda Land, each line and detail is highly appreciated. Attention is poured into the landscape and infrastructure, as well as the comfort, convenience and modernity of each apartment, ensuring high quality standards with ISO 9001 and GQUAS certifications from the Department of Construction and Singapore Works. This ensures that the apartments at Celadon City always meet strict quality requirements.
The apartments are optimally designed in terms of function and aesthetics, bringing a harmony between utility and beauty. Celadon City ranks among the leading modern and luxurious architectural projects in Vietnam. The interior and exterior of the apartment are fully equipped with equipment imported from abroad, providing a high-class living space and full amenities for residents. At the same time, the project also provides many convenient and classy facilities to meet the needs and desires of residents in daily life.


Selling price: 45-60 million VNĐ/m2